About Us

Wide range of experience

At the Shinsundo Chi Wellness Centre, we offer a professional yet personal approach.

photo of wellness centre

The therapists working at the Shinsundo Chi Wellness Centre are from Europe and Asia.

They are very experienced and have completed advanced training in South Korea to achieve Senior Chi Master Practitioner status.

With the benefit of their many years' experience and Chi expertise, our Practitioners can give appropriate, personalised recommendations for you.

Looking After You

All persons of any age including babies and pensioners can benefit from a Chi session including individuals with injuries, recurring pain, mobility issues and post-operative issues.

We require the initial completion of a health questionnaire prior to treatment or participation in any of our courses. We recommend all clients talk to their Practitioner about any health issues or concerns prior to and during their Chi treatment or Chi session. We can then make timely adjustments and modifications to take into consideration your personal situation and capabilities. We also ask that you update your Practitioner over time as your condition changes.

Each person’s situation is unique and our experienced Practitioners will put together a personalised plan for you to support your individual concerns and personal goals during your consultations with us.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon.

At a Distance Support

Our Practitioners are experienced in helping people living further afield using a combination of centre/home visits, Skype sessions and telephone consultations. This allows us to support you wherever you are, whether you live close or far to the Shinsundo Chi Wellness Centre.

Please get in touch to find out more.