Life Coaching with Chi

One-to-One Consultations

Whether you are just setting out on your career, established in your field or simply looking to change your life for the better, an individual coaching consultation or a block of regular sessions can help support and inspire you in achieving your goals and dreams in life with the added energetic dimension and power of Chi.

Coaching is about working together to create opportunities for achievement and change. We will work with you in exploring your motivations, desires and the blocks in your life, supporting you in formulating a strategy and action plan going forward.

It requires real commitment and effort by you to take action to improve your competencies. But the result is that things can happen and enable lasting personal growth and change for yourself and your future.

As all of our Life Coaches are also experienced Chi Master Practitioners, during your coaching session it may be suggested to incorporate some Chi movements or meditation or other techniques to help stabilise, calm, refocus and recharge your energy levels.

The added dimension of working on an advanced energetic level when you work with one of our Chi Master Practitioners can make all the difference in kickstarting and achieving your ambitions in both the short and longer term.

To find out more, please get in touch on 01305 753 415 or 0330 1331 034 where we can discuss setting up an initial 'Life Coach with Chi' session with one of our experienced Chi Master Practitioners.

Your first 45 minutes consultation costs £50. We will provide a specialist Life & Goals Questionnaire to be completed beforehand.

Thereafter a tailored programme can be created for you going forward should you wish to continue your Life Coaching with Chi sessions on an ongoing basis.

We look forward to supporting you in fulfilling your dreams and achieving your life goals.

Contact us to take action and move your life forward one more positive step today!